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Improve your health & fitness

Health strands is a one stop comprehensive solution for improving your health and fitness. There are many components of overall health; Information and knowledge forms the bedrock of your health improvement path. Most of the scientific medical research is difficult to comprehend for general population. The scientific evidence is available for both sides of the scale, often confusing the reader about the quality of publication.

Accurate information will be the basis for all your health and wellness endeavours. Without accurate information, your efforts will fail to bring desired results at the least Or you may even end up harming yourself because of wrong information. Internet is full of old misleading and anecdotal information about health and wellness. We differ from others in being scientifically correct, evidence based and presenting easy to follow information. So, come and enrich yourself by immersing into evidence based information.

Health Information on how to sleep better available on Health Strands.

Health Information – Sleep better

Improve your health & fitness

Restful sleep is the most vital aspect for improving your health & fitness. However, sleep is the first one to get affected by overwork, fast paced life, or family circumstances. There are two reasons for this disturbance of sleep cycle and both are well within your control. We will give you the basics of sleep cycle and many conundrums around it in the sleep better page.

Health information on Nutrition and Fasting

Health Information – Nutrition & Fasting

Improve your health & fitness

Nutrition is essential for survival, prevents multiple diseases and restores health and fitness. One must understand the role of macronutrients in improving health, and that of micronutrients in preventing illness. This is one area which is replete with fads driven by influencers or celebrities sans any rational knowledge. Come and explore the authentic knowledge on nutrition & fasting for improving your health.

Mental health - health information

Health Information – Mental Health

Improve your health & fitness

Mental health and wellness is absolutely essential for living a wholesome life. Healthy body cannot sustain without mental health. Adequate balance of work and rest may not be possible at certain times. Taking good care of your self with compassion will go a long way in maintaining yourself in tip top shape. Our Mental health page offers reasons and remedies pertaining to your wellness.

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