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Health Goals

Improve your health & fitness

Sustained improvement in any arena is not possible without simple and measurable goal setting. Unless you can track it you won’t be able to improve it. Getting healthier is no different!

But you need to know the key parameters of health on which you can work upon for measuring improvement. Then, set achievable, realistic, & time bound goals specific to your body type. Our recommended trackers will help in keeping an eye on these there by help you in reaching your goals.

Fitness tips powered by health strands

Health Goals – Fitness Tips

Improve your Health & Fitness

Knowledge about health physiology is increasing day by day. It is very difficult to keep up with relevant and accurate information. Health strands is a comprehensive one stop solution for improving your health & fitness. We distill the knowledge into specific usable, bite sized information, which can go a long way in setting health goals. Come and explore our page on Fitness tips.

Fitness Apps & trackers - powered by Health strands

Health Goals – Fitness Apps & Trackers

Improve your Health & Fitness

Fitness apps and trackers are a great way to keep an eye on your health goals. Without tracking you may not know if you are making any real progress in becoming healthier. There are a plethora of options available for mobile based tracking or separate tracking devices in the form of pedometer or smart watches. Come and explore our recommended Fitness Apps & Trackers for more infomation.

Health Calculator - Powered by Health Strands

Health Goals – Health Calculators

Improve your Health & Fitness

There are basic health check parameters which you can measure easily by yourself using our Health calculators. These tools can be used for monthly input and record keeping in excel format. We are offering these for free use by everyone in our effort to improve your health & fitness. So, come and explore our Health Calculators page.

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